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Our parents started baking for the wonderful residents of Dallas County over 35 years ago as Scratch Bake Bakery.  Our parents made sure that everyone who came into our bakery on Main St., in Duncanville, Texas received the best, freshest cakes and pies they had ever tasted.  As a family, we worked all hours of the night to ensure that we kept that level of consistency every day, with every cake and pie that walked out of our doors.  As we open our doors (so to speak) again, DUBalicious Cupcakes and Desserts promises to make sure we keep that level of consistency and taste you remember so well.  Although we no longer have a storefront, you can be sure that we will always make your desserts by hand, with real eggs, butter and sugar as soon as you order them.  We believe that the desserts you serve your friends and family, should not be waiting on you to buy them.  You want the best.  You deserve the best. DUBalicious Cupcakes and Desserts will always make sure we are ...

"Your Best Cake Scenario!”

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